Whitney Dancing

I headed out with Kristen to take some senior photos. We were shooting on Nicollet Island. We were in pretty bright sun, but with the help of a SB900, a umbrella and a reflector, we got some pretty good shots. After that we wanted to get some pictures of Whitney dancing. Somehow before this shoot I had no idea what an incredible dancer Whitney was. We got some great pictures. Here is a poster of three of my favorite poses (moves?).


The lighting for these three is pretty obviously on the left. We are under a bridge in the St. Anthony Main area. The light is a SB900 on a grid just to the left straight at the body of Whitney. The flash is zoomed to 200 which gives the light the really hard edge. The light is similar for the next one. We backed off the light a little bit in intensity and down to 105 zoom for the next too.




After that we had to move. We got invaded in our space by 50 or more of the two wheeled Segway things. They asked us to move and we figured that with a bunch of newbie riders on vacation that our lives were likely in danger. We then set up for this next shot. We were in partial shade, but I still needed two SB900’s zoomed to 200 and just barely out of frame to get enough light on her. I like what it ended up like though.