Gasworks on a Sunny Day

I was pretty disappointed that when I went to the Gasworks Park in Seattle that it was pretty cloudy. I was hoping for a shot across the water of the city. A couple of days later when I saw a break in the clouds, I hopped up and booked it over by bus. It was in the afternoon, so it wasn’t the best light, but I had Kerry Park that I was going to that evening. (I blogged about the other day.)

Seattle on a Sunny Day

I took another shot of the boilers from up on the hill too.

Gasworks Boilers

But, what was even better about this day, was that there were some paragliders there. Two of them. With red para shoots.


These guys tried really really hard to get going. What was really making things difficult was that just to the left of the frame is a couple that was lying on the grass. Did they get there first? Who knows, but I would have moved just so they wouldn’t keep running me over never mind it would have been a nice gesture.


I am not sure if the wind just wasn’t right, or what, but they never could get their rigs in the air. I was hoping for some shots of them above the city, not below, but I had to leave, and they were getting tired.

Getting Tired