Worldwide Photo Walk Day

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Scott Kelby is putting together the second anual WorldWide Photo Walk. This year it is July 18. If you don’t know what a photowalk is, you should check out the site. Basicly it is just a bunch of photographers that decide to get together on a particular day and all walk together (more or less) in the same direction. The idea being that you would chat, get to know each other, help others, and maybe learn something from your fellow shooters.

Last year was a lot of fun, and I met some great people here in Minneapolis. I still follow their pictures on flickr a year later. We had that walk on Lake Harriet/Lake Nakomis. The picture above was taken while on the walk. The picture below was my favorite from the day, but it was long after the walk while I was headed home.

I am not sure where this years walk will be. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a walk leader for Minneapolis. Boo hoo. Anyone out there want to step up?

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