Rasberry Island Dormanen Wedding

I took some pictures at¬†Gina and Shawn Dormanen’s wedding on May 16. It was a lot of fun. One of the things we did was head outside to get some pictures of the Bride and Groom in this little structure that was build last fall. We were just a little late getting here. I would have liked more blue to the sky, but I think we got some good pictures out of it. I really like playing with flash and trying to combine it with ambient light, especially with some fun colors going on.



I did some work in photoshop to these images. I needed to darken the stage. It was a ugly grey from too much light spill. The stage doesn’t look quite as dark on my computer. Here they look a little “floaty”. I also did another adjustment layer to get her dress back¬†in the color direction of¬†white.