Printing from WHCC

I have used WHCC to print things for awhile. I have a friend that used them to print standout’s and other large prints, but I had only used them for 8×10’s primarily. So, I decided to go a little crazy. I had several pictures of flowers printed to fit in 10×10, 4.5×4.5, and 5×7 frames. (Weird Ikea sizing) We picked the ones we liked together and put up a collection in the livingroom. They came back great.

Next I had a picture of a window printed in a 16×20 poster on standout. It came back awesome. (outer border not on print)

Window Poster

Then I also had a picture of the girls printed as a 11×14 gallery wrap. Yeesh, those are expensive. It is canvas stretched over a frame, with the image wrapping around the frame. Wow, does that look cool.

Hand in Hand

All in all, I am impressed with White House Custom Color. The prints, standout and gallery wrap all came back very well done. They are packed impeccably, and upload to receiving is ridiculously fast. They usually fulfill the order the day you submit. One of my orders was even shipped that same day. Nice.