DLWS Morning Shoot of Fishing Villiage

Fish Huts

This was the first shoot of DLWS Michigan. Fishtown in Leeland. We got up early enough to get there and watch the sun come up. Unfortunately the light didn’t do anything spectacular, but it wasn’t completely overcast either.

Fish Huts BW

Sunrise Boat

It was fun to get out shooting early in the morning. I don’t usually get the chance to do so. I am usually trying to get people out of bed and fed before the school bus comes. I even managed to get a shot in of my father who came along on the trip. This was one of the first shots of the day that I took.


We also got some shots of some of the guys that process the fish here. Joe McNally gave an impromptu lighting seminar also, but that will have to wait for another post.

Threw the Window

We are shooting twice a day, but I won’t be able to post stuff all the shoots. Just not enough time to get through everything. This will give me some pictures to post for a few days (or more) after the trip is over.