Space Needle Reflections

This post is all about the space needle, and reflections. Annie and I were out walking through the Seattle Center area when I noticed the reflections on the side of the Music Experience building. Annie had the idea to sit on the wall and get her with her reflection.

The Annie Experience

I also noticed that the reflection of the Space Needle was coming in really clear, so I posed her to get the best reflection.

Annie and the Needle

I had actually been here earlier and was looking for reflection shots, but this was later in the day and the light was a bit better. It was a better angle for the reflection.

Then on our way back from Kerry park after dark, (pics to come later) I noticed that the Space Needle when all lit up reflected really well in the building.

Space Needle Reflected

I ended up taking this picture just as the train was coming through too. I planned it that way 😉

I also was able to squeeze in a shot of the Space Needle and it’s reflection.

Space Needle Double

In a perfect world, I would have had a wider angle lens. I was scrunched down on the ground to take this, but I just don’t have quite wide enough view to get both the reflection and the needle all in the picture. If I had had the new Nikon 10-24 I bet it would have fit it all in. But then I would have used a smaller aperture, forcing a slower shutter, and I don’t think I could have hand held it. I did have my tripod with me, but we were rushing home trying to beat the rain and grab that train that just showed up on that previous pictures. We ran and caught it. Best four dollars ever. We had walked enough that day.

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  1. thoae are really neat, what great stimulation to be around all that new sky and city!

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