Where is the new D80/D90?

Nikon last released the D60, before that the D300, and before that the D40x/D40. I have the D40. What’s next? I am hoping it is a refreshed D80. Call it a D90. The rumors have been flying recently for a release this month, June. Nikon has released quite a bit recently, so thinking of a D90 in June seems a bit premature, but that seems to be the prevailing wind. The D80 is two years old now, so people think it is time for an upgrade. I think that Nikon has had it’s hands full taking over the bottom end of the spectrum. I think that September is more likely. Why? That is when the next big photo show is. Photokina 2008 is in September in Germany. Last year this show was where the D60 was released. It will make the D80 long in the tooth, and I am hoping for sooner rather than later, as this rumored camera is targeted as my next purchase.