Pedernales River Panorama

This has turned into pano week around here. Here is another panorama that I made in Texas of the Pedernales river. This one isn’t quite so wide. I was constrained by the position I chose across from the mini falls here. The big rock on the left and the sun on the right.

Anyway, the Pedernales river was running really low. Very little water. I was told that there was usually a fair bit more water running in the spring. The river basin is quite wide too. One of my earlier panoramas was shot in the opposite direction and shows just how wide it is. The reason for this is flash flooding. It is such a common occurrence, and the water can change so rapidly that there is a sign up at the trail head that shows a before and after picture that is only 5 min apart. The before shows a fairly lazy river, and the after a massive rushing torrent. Pretty crazy.