Upgrade to bgStretcher2

The bgStretcher2 script is now at version 2.2. This script allows you to view images full screen using only javascript and no flash. One side effect of showing an image that fills the screen in both height and width without changing the aspect ratio is that you are likely to clip part of the image. If someone comes to your site with a widescreen display and your images are square, then you will not see the bottom of you image. It can’t be helped.

There is a solution, but it involves a compromise. To make sure that you always see the entire image, you need to find whether width or height will fill the screen without clipping the images. Then you will have spaces on the sides or top depending on the aspect ratio of your image. This seems to be what most people are looking for, so I now default the script to do this. This can be changed by setting fitImageToBrowser:false in the config options to reset the script back to the original behavior.