The Smoke has Cleared

The smoke has cleared, so to speak. I have my images and a working computer back and functioning. I had taken a bit of a break to let my images from Nepal breathe a little, but then got a bit longer of a forced break while I got my digital darkroom back together again.

Anyway, this was taken in Kathmandu, Boudha Stupa.  This man would walk around the Stupa several times a day, waving his incense around as he walked. He is facing the front right now, where on each revolution he would stop, and recite something.

I took quite a few pictures of him. So much so, that he would recognize me, and laugh when he saw me as if to say, “Not again, why do you keep taking my picture silly man?” I have no idea what he was thinking, but he seemed good natured about it. This is one of my favorites.