My Newari Potter

Newari Potter


I have been to see this man several times. He is a potter in ?Bhaktapur Nepal. He speaks no English, and judging by how he speaks and who he speaks to, most other Nepalese don’t understand him either. So far I have understood hand gestures for “come sit”, “give me money”, “I can’t work the power is out”, and “I am going on a smoke break.”

The above shot is not what I want. I want him working on his craft. He asked for this picture in fact. And then asked for a print. I am bringing it tomorrow morning. We leave tomorrow for our next stop as well. I have one more chance to get the shot I am looking for. I don’t want him posed. I want him working with some sort of expression or gesture that will help make the photograph. Pressures on.

There are a few other pottery makers around. I photographed a couple of others that occupy the stall next to him as well. But they were wearing American style T-shirts, didn’t have the Newari hat, and had no where near the great face that this man has.

I do have a couple of shots of him, but nothing that stands out yet. That’s how photography goes. Sometimes you get shut out, but there is always tomorrow. (Fingers crossed)