First Day in Delhi

My First Delhi post. How about that. My first non North American post I suppose. I don’t think I have blogged from a country other than the US or Canada. I don’t think I had a blog when I was other places….

Anyway, today was a pretty cool day. I went out shooting three times. I’m beat. This is not the type of shooting I regularly do. I don’t ask people if I can take their picture. If I am shooting a wedding, I just stick a camera in their face. If I am shooting a bridge at night, the bridge doesn’t care, and I just shoot. I got a fair number of “no’s” with a finger wag, but for the most part, people were OK, or happy to have their picture taken. These were all taken in the “Old Delhi” section from my first outing.

4 thoughts on “First Day in Delhi

  1. Great pictures Chris. I am laughing picturing the infamous Indian finger wag of disapproval. It can be deadly if used correctly. 😉 I am jealous that you have gotten to Delhi before me and my kids are half Indian! Enjoy your time there.

  2. i just came back from Delhi couple of days ago! I found people in India to be very kind and willing to get their picture taken. And yes, you’ll get some “no”s but keep asking and be respectful of their wishes. Show them the picture in the LDC screen and some more will ask to get their pic taken too.
    Are you going somewhere else after Delhi? Have a great time!!

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