Pictures from the Zoo

I had intended to get to the zoo early, so see what kind of light I could get. I had Lily in the car and ready to go when I decided I should check the website for hours. Didn’t open till 9:00. We had over an hour to wait before we could go.

Oh well. At this time of year, the sun has been up for several hours at 9:00. The best light I got was probably this guy. He was in shade, but I had to shoot through glass. It doesn’t look that bad at this size. The water is really green, and a pain to color balance!

Prairie dog babies are just too cute.

Lily was practically crying, begging me to get going. Then the mother came out to join them.

Man, I rattled off a ton of pics of these guys. Lots of great brown on brown images 🙂

Then we walked up to the farm section. Lots of goats that you could feed. Lily was a little unsure about doing that. I bought her some food, and she just threw it them. Wish I had a picture of that.

These guys were laughing about it. Maybe because it is hard to tell the difference between food pellets and the other kind of goat pellets when they are on the ground.

What trip to the zoo wouldn’t be complete with out ice cream? Problem was, I promised it to her an hour before we finally got it. We passed five closed vendors where I thought we would be able to get it. Weekday morning might be good for avoiding crowds, but then you also can’t easily get ice cream.