Wood Lake Nature Center

Last weekend I went to the Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield. I took quite a few shots, but I have been sick the last few days, and just didn’t get around to getting a post up. Here is the first of the images from that little outing. These are all of this little bird. It is mostly black with just a little red color on it’s wing. Smaller than a crow. This is the Red Winged Black Bird.

I went as the sun was going down, and I only saw a few people. I soon had the place all to myself.

There are paths that navigate the entire lake, and a floating foot bridge that crosses the middle of the lake. This is a great place to take pictures. I even saw a muskrat around the the bridge, but couldn’t get a picture.

This bird species, some ducks, and a few noisy geese were the primary animals I saw.

For those that know me, don’t worry, I did get some pictures of ducks. I will post them later.