Night Time Photowalk with the Family

My kids like to go on a “night time walk.” That just means that we walk around the block at night. One thing we do that probably makes it the reason they like to go on the walks, is let them take flashlights. Right now, their favorites are headlamps that they got as presents from their aunt.

When we headed out on this walk, it was almost dark. Very little light, and fading fast. I still took my camera. I had a 50mm set to manual at f/1.8 and 1/45 second. I tried slower, but the kids move too much. The pics were too blury. I tried a couple of posed shots, but they didn’t go over well. I got “the look.”

It’s better to just let them play and see what you get anyway. I wasn’t looking for technically fabulous shots, but just some interesting moments of my kids on a walk. They don’t really walk by the way.

They pick up stones, walk on low railings/fences, jump, run, and splash in the puddles. Walking is just too boring. The great thing about this night was that it was warm, with piles of snow on the sides, and melted snow in puddles in the middle. All sorts of great things to do.

So, if you wondered at the beginning why we only go one block (maybe two on a very special night), now you know. One block can take quite awhile to get all the way around.

So get yourself some flashlights, and head out into the night. You don’t need to try for perfect exposures. Try using the light from the flashlights, the streetlamps, the house lights, etc. None of these pictures were taken with flash. The on camera flash can look a little harsh. Turn it down if you want to try to use it. There is actually quite a lot of light out there without it.