Portraits of Alex and Arianna


We had some friends come over for dinner before they were headed off to see a play their daughter was in. Since the kids were dressed up, I decided to set up a light, and try to coax them into a picture. It went pretty well.


It is always a challenge to get two kids together, in the same focal plane, with the same expression. Extra light would have helped this.


I had just one SB900 through an umbrella camera left. I gelled it and shot at fluorescent to try to match the compact fluorescent bulbs in the light fixtures. They don’t quite match. It was a bit tricky to try to set the white balance in Lightroom.


Anyway, sometime soon I want to get the whole family together for a portrait. I need to get more light, and get it balanced better with ambient. By the way, notice the much whiter background in the first two. That will be another post…

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