Big Fat Business Card Giveaway Thingy

Moo Business Card

David duChemin, over at pixelatedimage is running one heck of a contest right now. He is calling it “My BIG FAT Business Card Giveaway Thing”. What you need to do to enter is to put one of your business cards up on flickr. See his site (link above) for the prizes and the contest rules.

The image above is the business card that I entered. I grabed it from the moo site where I ordered the images, and the colors look a little off. The actual cards look much better.

I had several cards made. This is a grab of all the ones that I made.

My Moo Cards

I made a bunch of different images for fun. Some kinda silly, like the Lego, but it is one of the most popular. This way I hand people the stack and say “pick one”. That way I get to show off my work, not just hand out a card.

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