iPhone wont make or take calls

iPhonePicI am starting to get pretty annoyed with my iPhone. It all started after I did the carrier update to get the MMS capabilities. What happens, is that I lose the ability to send and receive calls and messages. I can still get email at least.

My wife tries to call me, and the phone goes right to voice mail. Then she emails me. If I am checking email, then I power down the phone, then power it up again. This works for awhile. If I leave it for a period of time, or charge it (that could be just time) it stops working.

The weirdest is when I try to call out. The phone gives the Calling… screen, but it never makes the call. Weird.

I have tried to reset the phone, by wiping it out from iTunes, and doing a reinstall. That didn’t seem to help.

This is not an isolated incident. I know two other people that have had the same problems. The fix? Get a new phone. I guess I need to make an appointment with the “Geniuses”.

UPDATE (10/08/09 9:00PM): I am installing the 3.1.2 iPhone update, and a “new carrier update”. That makes me nervous. We’ll see what happens.

3 thoughts on “iPhone wont make or take calls

  1. Same issue. After several trips to the Apple store’s “Genius Bar” last week, one of the tech figured it out. It has nothing to do with the phone but the 3g network getting confused with the new carrier settings. If I disable 3g and just use Edge or WiFi, I’m good to go. I also have other workarounds, but since there is an iphone OS update today that is supposed to resolve the issue, there should be no need to type them out… I went to Cyberward to browse while I was awaiting the download 🙂

  2. this advice still works 8 months later …. my phone suddenly had the same problem and this is the ONLY thread I could find that had a solution that WORKED! I haven’t been able to make or receive call for 3 weeks and after I turned off the 3G it’s a miracle!!!!

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