Consequences of Creativity

Chase Jarvis CURRENT: The Consequences of Creativity from Chase Jarvis on Vimeo.

This is from a little while back, on July 1 Chase Jarvis posted this video on his blog. It was a talk he gave in denver to some creative types. In it he really pushes how we are living in a time where anyone can publish their own work. How anyone can and should push their own creativity in ways that energize them, and then publish it. He talks about doing whatever it takes to sustain your self, whether that is some form of photography, or waiting tables, and once you have that, then get creative on your own time.

It is a great watch, at a little over an hour, it isn’t something you can slip in between something else, but I watched it in three different sessions. It does make you think, just what is it that brings out the creative in you?