Steve Portraits

My friend Steve needed some portraits done, so I offered to help. I was at his house over the weekend and took some pictures. We tried to mix it up and take some stuff that was more “portrait” like, and some different shots that showed a little more of Steve. Here are¬†a few that I liked.


Thought I would pull in a more interresting background than just a single colored wall.

Steve and the Books 

We decided to take this one just for fun, but I like how it turned out. Steve had an old pipe from his Stage days that he pulled out. Would have been even better with an old Smoking Jacket.

Steve, Just for fun. 

Steve and the Cats 

I shot these using a single SB800. I think all of these were using a shoot through umbrella. I found it challenging to get good light with only the one flash indoors. There are a lot of other competing lights and colors of light going on in a house. Turning off the lights would have made it more difficult to avoid heavy shadows with just the one light.