Out at a Horse Farm

 Sunset on the Farm 

Well, I swear that it is a horse farm. I didn’t really get any pictures of horses that I liked. Oh, well. I was trying to get pictures of the horses when I missed the only real color to the sky. This is all that was left when I finally turned around. Oops.

Once the sun was down we turned to playing around. First up was taking pictures of the moon. This turned out well. The clouds were moving, so they give a spooky / erie feel to the picture.

Erie Moon 

I need a farm house or something below it. Maybe I should try to combine the two shots that you see here. Well, after that we pulled out the speedlights. I first tried to light someone with hard light from both sides, and that did’t quite work. Next up, I had the voice of Hagrid in my head saying “You’re a wizzard Harry.” I was trying to go for the two balls of light in my hands look. I wish we were a little wider, as the light actually gets cut off at the edge of the picture.

Light Orbs