Photography Video Podcasts

I am a little bleary eyed at the moment. I was taking some time to catch up on some video podcasts. Which ones? Glad you asked.

First up would be Photoshop User TV. I thought there was a new one, but I had watched it on my laptop. I think they are often released on Tuesdays. Scott, Matt, and Dave and often special guests natter on about mostly photography related things and throw in several photoshop tutorials each week. If you like any of Scott Kelby’s books, you will like this.

Scott, Matt and Nikon have a new podcast up at DTownTV. This is mostly pretty basic stuff, but I have still learned a couple of things. They are doing a short series on wireless lighting using CLS right now. I am trying to absorb any and all things light at the moment.

I watched several of the Aperture 2: Quick Tips via iTunes by Rich Harrington. He has other stuff on his website, but you can search iTunes for Aperture to find them. I was going through a bunch of stuff he posted in 2008 on using Aperture 2. Anyone know how to edit an import preset? Mine is stuck with my name spelled wrong, and it is driving me crazy!

Ok, I didn’t hit these sites today, but I also watch video at a couple of other sites by the Davids: Strobist, and DigitalProTalk.

The Strobist has lots of great tutorials on setting up and using small flashes. Several series in fact. I started watching them before I even had a flash. I need to get back and see these again. And again.

At DigitalProTalk David has several videos up. He doesn’t do them every week (I don’t think) but the ones he has done have been great. They are usually about lighting and portraits and or weddings. Look at the right side of his blog, and you can see links to his most popular ones.