Just Visiting

Just Visiting My father was visiting from Winnipeg. I used the oportunity to take a picture with off camera flash. The camera is triggered by a friend, I am holding a SB800 just out of frame at about 45deg from him. There is also a street lamp to his right.

I think I should have hit him with a bit more light. Maybe tried from the other side. Still getting used to this off camera flash deal. I think I need to try brighter than I think works in the viewfinder in these night shots.

Also, I am going to try bringing my umbrella with me and getting much closer to my subject next time. This one is just with the diffuser, and I am a little too far away.

2 thoughts on “Just Visiting

  1. What do I know. I think it looks great. Your dad seems well lit and the background is standing out well. What are the improvements that you speak of? What would the layman notice about the photo if you changed things?

  2. Well, I think he should be brighter. Check out Dustin’s shots on flickr. His people look more like what I want. Two things he does different. He is using much smaller depth of field, and a softbox/umbrella. I have those, so I will need to try these things also. In this case I did want to see the buildings though.

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