Guthrie Silhouettes

Art House Ghosts

I was out shooting in Downtown Minneapolis with some friends on friday night last week, and we decided to go have a look from the Guthrie’s overlook. None of us had been up there. Very cool overlook, and I will have pictures from that later, but here are a couple I took as we were on our way there.

There was this great big long glowing red wall. Very cool. At first I was just setting up for some geometric shots, but then some people cam by, and I think that made the shot. It is more interresting with the people in it, even if they are “ghosting” through the frame. I’ve got to remember that everything doesn’t always need to be sharp in a frame.

Then I set up for a self portrait of sorts. I was going to use a wireless trigger, but I got Rich to take the shot for me. I also tried a shot with a flash fired directly across from me, but that just made a weird shadow, and having one part of the picture show up (me from the flash) looked odd. The silhouette looked much better.

Silhouette On Red