Tuesday Tidbits

The Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally has shipped from Amazon, and it is killing me that I picked the slow shipping option.

Joe McNally is also the guest blogger on Scott Kelby’s¬†blog tomorrow.

I found my star washer for my Black Rapid strap. I am pretty sure it is from the 1st time I lost it. It was on the sidewalk in the backyard after the snow melted.

Photoshop World has started. The expo is on, the training classes start tomorrow, and I am pouting about not being there. But then again, the $599 fee to get might have been a factor…

David du Chemin has a video¬†of his backup strategy on his blog. Sigh. Makes me think about how my NAS is still not operational (equivalent-ish to his drobo) and how I haven’t made an off site backup for a long time. I like his idea of the pelican case with the smaller drives per year. Get on that Chris!

Matt Brandon is featured by Photoflex. They have a softbox for hot shoe flashes. The one that Matt used for his shoot is on sale for $79 right now. I think I may have to spring for this.

I got through the rest of my shots from last Wednessdays studio shoot. I need to weed a little bit more, and get them on CD’s for people for tomorrow’s class. I will try to post some of the images too. Last class tomorrow.