Get Your Seat to the Digital Wake Up Call


I briefly mentioned David Ziser’s tour before, and that I have already booked my seat, but I thought I would tell you a little bit more. Why you say? Three reasons: I want to see you go because David is an amazing photographer with a ton of information he is willing to share with you. Two, because I have a discount code for you, and three, because I am running my first contest, with the prize being a seat at the big show.

I forget now how I stumbled upon digital pro talk, David’s blog. I hadn’t done any weddings, and it looked like he was a wedding photographer, and I was ready to move along, but I decided to read a couple of posts. Well, I have been back many many times to read and reread his posts. He has so many¬† interesting things to say about portraits, lighting, gear, and the business of photography, that there is something there for everyone whether or not they ever shoot a wedding.

It looks like his digital wake up tour will have a ton of useful information.  What might you learn? This is from the tour site:

  • 32 ways to use your on and off-camera flashes for creative and dramatic effects.
  • 10 of the best camera settings and lens choices for creating striking images on every job.
  • 7 ways to use the new DSLR video capabilities to transform your product offerings.
  • 10 “Magic Bullet” techniques to make your digital workflow nearly effortless, highly efficient, and fun with today’s top software from Adobe Lightroom, NIK, and LumaPix: FotoFusion.
  • 20 new product and marketing ideas targeted to today’s customers¬†which will¬†add substantially to your bottom line.

Your still on the fence? How about all of this stuff you will get :

  • Tour Handbook including: program notes, photography, marketing and more
  • 2 Hour DVD with extended program content
  • $100 Rebate from American Color Imaging
  • 1 year membership to WPPI and Rangefinder magazine, a $99 value
  • FREE 3 month membership to, a $45 value
  • FREE 3 month subscription to PPA Magazine, a $15 value
  • FREE PPA Indemnification (no-fault) insurance for all new PPA menbers, a $50 value
  • Over $2,500 in door prizes awarded each evening
  • And a chance to win 1 of 4 Grand Prizes worth over $5,000

David is bringing the event to 58 cities across the US, including the Minneapolis event September 16. I’ll be there. If you don’t win the contest, David has given me a discount code that you can use to get $20 off the event. Enter code:¬† ZCWDWC09 ( last digits are zero nine) on the registration page, and you will receive a $20 discount. Price will be only $59 after the discount.

Want to enter the contest and go free? Ok, the contest will be me arbitrarily picking the most dramatic portrait from the photo’s submitted to the Cyberward flickr group.

  1. First get a flickr account. They are free.
  2. Upload your pictures to flickr.
  3. Join the Cyberward flickr group
  4. Add the¬† tag “dwc09” to the photo’s
  5. Limit the photo’s you enter in the contest to 3 please.

The contest will run until April 11 at @ midnight (Saturday). I will choose on Sunday, and email the winner and post the winning picture on April 13 (Monday)

Good luck, and see you in September at DWC09!

Update:moved the contest end back into April (again) and added the registration code