Comedian Alex

Last week at my studio class I had the chance to shoot a family of three.  Once the little girl got tired, I was able to do some head shots of Alex. Turns out, he does improv, and has some great expressions. I put some of them together.


He was a pretty funny guy. Anyway, we had pretty typical lighting for what we have been doing. Two photogenics strobes in light boxes. As typical, I don’t think the hair light was positioned correctly.¬† They worked pretty well, but I think they are stronger as a group.

I exported all the images out of Aperture, scaleing them down somewhat. Then I created a new document in photoshop.  I opened all the head shots, then dragged them over to the new one. I created some guides to help me position the images.

I then used the fx layers to create a stroke (middle I think) around each image, and the shadow fx too. I also decided to make it look like all the images were sitting on a page. I expanded the canvas, then created another layer I filled with white. Then I used the shadow fx on the old background layer that was now our inner page to make it stand out.