Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter Swans in Monticello

I was in Monticello to take pictures of Trumpeter Swans this Sunday. I have to say that it is really the first time that I went and stood around in freezing cold temperatures for several hours to get pictures of wildlife. It was fun though.

I was set up with my new tripod and 70-200mm lens right beside someone that takes regular trips to yellowstone with his 600mm lens. Yikes. That was a piece of kit!

I got some good pictures, I think. I haven’t had time to “develop” them yet. I will post more soon.

We are pretty much at the end of their migration period. In fact I was told that earlier was better. Not sure how it would have been better. It was hard enough to isolate one or two birds becuase there were so many of them. Check out the Monticello Chamber of Commerce for more info.

2 thoughts on “Trumpeter Swans

  1. Great photo and well worth the wait! I will look forward to seeing the rest of them. The Trumpeter Swan Society is quite interested in tracking Trumpeter Swan migration as young birds have recently been released in Arkansas, joining a group that made it to that state on their own, as populations grow in this Mississippi Flyway. Please let us know if you see changes in numbers in the next few weeks (through much of March). Our new blog is a great place to post them and we also have a great deal of information on idenification, conservation and biology on our website Beautiful photo!
    Peg Abbott, The Trumpeter Swan Society

  2. I have never before seen swans in kansas however i now have three on a pond near Garnett ,Kansas

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