I’m Done with National Camera

I think I have finally had enough of National Camera. I keep wanting to support a local store, but enough is enough. The Edina store was the place that really pissed me off. I was looking at the D40, and the guy there keep pushing the D80 telling me that the D40 wasn’t a real DSLR. I was pretty pissed at him by the time I left.

I was back a couple of times after that looking for accessories, and a tripod, but no one really wanted to talk to me.

The Golden Valley store was better. I bought the D40 there at their tent sale. Then when the D90 came out, I bought it there too. Last weekend I went and picked up a Manfrotto 55xPRO tripod. They only had the head, not the legs. They sent me to the downtown store. The guy on the phone said I could park next door at the Orpheum. I did, but this big dude with the Orpheum started yelling at me. I told him I was told to park here and he called me a liar. This is why I don’t go downtown where there is no parking. I parked a couple of blocks away.

I got the legs, and bought this leveling tool that fits in the hotshoe. Much more expensive than it needs to be. Anyway, when I got it home, I noticed that the level is busted. Not going back downtown, so I head to the Edina store.

At the Edina store I exchange the level, and look at a few things. The guy looks bored. I tell him I have a D90 and need a wired shutter release. He gets me a MC-DC1, and I head for home.

I head outside at night in the falling snow to take pictures with the tripod and the new cable release. It is the wrong one. I find out I needed the MC-DC2. The “1” is for the D70/D80. Now I have to go back again.

It is soooo much easier online. And cheaper. And I don’t have to park. The guys on the phone never seem bored. National Camera Exchange won’t get more of my business. I have had enough.

2 thoughts on “I’m Done with National Camera

  1. This is three years later but apparently about 60% of your money will still go back into the local community if you stay strong, whereas 0% will if you buy online. I hear you, but it’s so important to support local businesses. Maybe you should let them know your troubles…

  2. Agreed. National Camera Exchange is overpriced and their employees work on commission. Be careful!

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