So I started playing with Javascript a bit more recently. I looked for a library that could do some cross browser animation stuff. The lightbox script was based on prototype and for effects. I have only scratched the surface of what these librarys can do, but they seem pretty cool.

The project I am working on is an upgrade to the single collage that I have up at christopherwardphotography. The idea is that you would pick an album, and the images would fly out from the album. What I wanted was something that would move an image. The scriptaculous Effect.move class provides this. The really cool thing I found was that the javascript interpreter does not stop and wait for the move to finish. It keeps going. If you call out several in a row, all the images will move on the screen at the same time. Very cool.

I will have more about this “flyout collage” later when I am finished. It will apear at christopherwardphotography when it is done.