Kate voted

Yesterday Kate went with her mother to the poles, waded through the lines, got a ballot that included pictures of the candidates, and voted in a booth just like her mom. She sounded quite proud of herself. Later at pre-school the whole class voted. She said she voted for Barack twice. Must have been the deal maker. There is a site here for Minnesota. They are supposed to have the results up later today.

A couple of things struck me as interesting. First is that the kids have voted for the president the same as their parents every year that this organization has been doing this. But the real interesting part is that kids do not necessarily vote the same as their parents. This is actually encouraging. I get so tired of the “my father voted for them, my grandfather voted for them, and so I am voting for them” crap. An election is about the candidate. Hopefully kids getting involved early will continue to result in engagement and participation in the future.