A trip to Ladakh and Kathmandu

I didn’t get to go to Ladakh or Kathmandu, but if I had the money for a photography trip, this is the one I would go on. David took several people on this trip, and I have wanted to create an entry about it, and just never seemed to get around to it. The photographs that have come back from the trip are amazing, but the experiences of being there probably dwarf the images. Some of the picures I took way back when I went with Canada World Youth to Indonesia were pretty good (at least by memory), but it is the people and the experience of being there that you remember for ever. You can look back over the last couple of months on his blog for posts about great scenery, equipment, places, and the people he met, but this recent post finally pushed me to blog. In it he talks about kids that break stones for pennies a day, and other kids that carry piles of slate on their heads down the mountains in flip flops. In it he makes an appeal to think about them and others as we approach Christmas. As we save for gear and hope for camera related presents, it is good to have a reminder that most of the world is MUCH less fortunate than ourselves. This morning on NPR I also heard that food shelves are empty right at a time when more and more people need them. The less fortunate are not just in Kathmandu, but also around the corner. As we start to head into the Christmas season, lets remember to give a little of ourselves, our time, or our wallets this year.