Think about your Education

Somehow I screwed this up, it was supposed to be posted on the 27th.

David duChemin had two posts today on learning, at his blog, and as a guest on Scott Kelby’s blog. Two things struck me, one he said to get to a workshop, and two, find a mentor. Both of these are interesting to me. Joel, our walk leader from a couple of days ago also suggested I go to a workshop. I am not sure how to pay for it yet, but I think something from the Digital Landscape Workshop Series would be great. Moose Peterson, and Joe McNally are two of the instructors. Joe wrote the book “The Moment it Clicks“, which is one of the few non technical books I bought this year.

The other is the idea of a mentor. I hadn’t thought of that before. It sounds like a great idea. The issue will be finding one.