Tip toe through the tulips in the rain

I looked out the kitchen window, and at the back fence, I saw that the tulips were coming up. Woo hoo. I have been waiting for flowers to come back around here. I like shooting flowers. Anyway, it was a bit of a trick to take their picture. It was raining. I grabbed Kate’s umbrella. Oh yea, I only had one hand for the camera, and the 50mm F1.8 I had on my camera is manual focus on my D40.

So, what I did was to hold the umbrella in one hand, the camera in the other with the focus set for as close as possible. Then I crouched down with focus just short of the flower. Then I took pictures as a slowly leaned in. I figured something had to be in focus.

This is what I got. Click for larger on flickr.

Red Tulip

Spring Tulips