Lost my Blackrapid Star Washer Again

FastenRAgain! I lost my Blackrapid star washer again. I am starting to get tired of this, and less excited about the strap in general. This happens to me almost every time I use my tripod. See, I usually head out with the camera on it’s strap, holding the tripod on my shoulder, or by one of the legs. I don’t like the idea of swinging the whole contraption around with the camera on top.

So anyway, I take the camera off the strap, and attach it to the tripod. Then sometime later that day, I realize that I am missing part of the FastenR. Crap. Yes, it is my fault. I should tighten the washer against the angle bracket when I take it off the camera, but I keep forgetting to do it. Crap. Do I order another one?

3 thoughts on “Lost my Blackrapid Star Washer Again

  1. You MUST be joking! Really? Again? I guess this is the most expensive gift that I have gotten you! Has this ever happened to Dave Johnson?

  2. You are the king of modders…I would order a new one and figure out a mod to keep the washer with the FastenR when you remove it.

  3. annie:Yea, this has turned into an expensive strap. I am going to look for a nut with the same threads for cheap.

    steve:I have seen someone clip the strap to a tripod mount screwed to the bottom. I could then just leave that on. The issue is the strap falling off. I read about someone that dropped their camera because the gate opened. I can’t afford that for sure.

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